Griffin PHP-Nuke Theme

Griffin PHP-Nuke Theme is a simple but stylish dark template, ideal for your website if you are looking for a low graphics and fast-rendering design.
This Griffin PHPNuke template includes many features, some of them as the following:

- Like all our themes it has an excellent matching phpBB style for the ported forums designed specially for this theme.

- A four-button navigation menu placed in the top right corner, in the header, allows to highlight the most importante sections of the web.

- The graphics for the title of the "Downloads" and "Weblinks" sections are included.

- It includes a set of matching icons for the administrative panel buttons.

- A small light flash animation placed in the top left corner, in the theme header.

- The width is set to 100% , compatible with 800x600 screen resolution or more.

This template has been tested under standard PHP-Nuke 6.9 versions up to the 8.0 release.

Downloads: 5693


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