Kobra Theme is free now

PHP-Nuke Themes At Kalgash Themes we have decided to liberate a new commercial template for free download.
It's Kobra Theme and it will be available in our Free Downloads section to be dowloaded from tomorrow for free.

Kal_V2 PHPNuke Theme

PHP-Nuke Themes We have released Kal_V2 theme for PHP-Nuke based in our 2006 home site layout.
The template includes matching phpBB forums style, flash menu in the header, and all the graphics and source files.
Kal_V2 theme can be viewed in our commercial phpnuke themes gallery.

Lineage: our newest Free Theme for PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke Themes A new template called Lineage has been added to our Free PHP-Nuke Themes section.
Like all our PHP-Nuke templates, it comes with matching phpBB forums style, and the Downloads and WebLinks logos.
Sitename graphics and flash menu source files are included.

BloodyWoods PHP-Nuke Theme Released

PHP-Nuke Themes We have released our newest PHP-Nuke theme called Bloodywoods.
The theme comes with matching phpBB forums style, flash navigation menu, and all the graphic and flash source files.

You can preview and test BloodyWoods theme in our Commercial PHP-Nuke themes gallery.

Inferno has been released

PHP-Nuke Themes Inferno PHP-Nuke Theme is our last released template for PHP-Nuke.

Like all our PHP-Nuke themes, it comes with its original phpBB forums Style and editable .PNG and .FLA source files.

Inferno can be viewed in our Commercial PHP-Nuke Themes gallery.

Our newest Commercial PHPNuke Theme: Voltz

PHP-Nuke Themes Kalgash Themes announces its newest Commercial PHP-Nuke Theme, called Voltz.
It comes with matching phpBB Style, and includes the download and web links logos and flash navigation menu editable from the theme.php file.
.FLA and .PNG source files are included.

You can preview Voltz PHP-Nuke Theme in the Commercial PHP Nuke Themes section.

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PHP-Nuke Theme
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PHP-Nuke Theme
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PHP-Nuke Theme
PHP-Nuke Themes: Voltz
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